You have probably seen the left’s reaction at our first House session where we voted on the first batch of bills and submitted legislation. When the voting during the session was not going the way they liked, the democrat minority leader Cushing declared “we are going home”. Amongst those who thought it prudent to disregard her responsibilities, Barrington democrat Representative Cassie Levesque joined her comrades and left the building before she and another 100+ democrat reps could be “locked in” as the Speaker of the House demanded to ensure we had a quorum of legislators required to continue business. This was not Levesque’s first “boycott”, as in early December during our first responsibility as newly elected legislators, she and most democrats refused to attend organization day.

Earlier in the session, HB 625 passed by a majority, almost exclusively Republicans. This bill prevented an abortion after 24 weeks (that is 6 months!) unless the life or health of the mother was in jeopardy. Believe it or not, our state neighbor to the South has had tighter abortion laws then New Hampshire! Ms. Levesque voted against this bill along with nearly every other democrat.

So, what was the legislation that caused the fleeing of democrat legislators? An impending vote on HB233 that guaranteed medical treatment to any infant born alive. Knowing they would not have the votes to have this bill fail, they chose a last-minute, ill-thought-out scheme in hopes of preventing a vote. And yes, Cassie Levesque vacated her responsibilities and left in the mob of democrat deserters. Fortunately, a quorum remained and that bill was also successfully passed in the House.

Both bills (and scores of others) now move on to the Senate or a second House committee! Last week was a great week for New Hampshire Republicans.