Fiscal discipline

I believe we must get New Hampshire’s spending under control and our finances in order. In many respects, we’ve become an instant gratification society with an entitlement mentality.  We borrow money to buy things we can’t afford and in many cases, do not need. Some believe government should provide “free benefits” that go far beyond the temporary safety net originally intended.  Clearly, there’s no such thing as “free”.  Everything received from government is paid for by you and I, the taxpaying citizens of New Hampshire. The entitlement, tax and spend perspective must change. We must convince our neighbors and our elected representatives that living within our means is an absolute necessity. Most of us do this in our own households and we should expect no less from our government.

During the previous Democrat controlled legislature, our state borrowed money to meet its annual budget, putting today’s spending on the backs of our children and grandchildren. The current Democrat controlled legislature has increased taxes and fees, including a recent increase to the gas tax. The past Republican controlled legislature not only lived within its means, but reduced annual spending. We should spend only that which we can realistically expect to receive in tax revenues. Increasing taxes and spending beyond our means is not the answer.

Finally, we must have a plan to retire the debt to which New Hampshire is currently obligated. In doing so, taxes can be returned to their rightful owners, the hard working citizens of New Hampshire.

Efficient Government

Smaller, more efficient government is a necessary pursuit and benefits the citizens of New Hampshire in the form of lower taxes and overall fees. Where there is waste and redundancy, we must eliminate it. Where there is fraud in social programs, we must eliminate it.  We need to review and monitor public employee wages and benefits and ensure they’re in line with the private sector. Where government can be better served by private enterprise, we must put that work out to bid. Finally, New Hampshire has a huge, underfunded employee pension system that requires restructuring to avoid certain, future failure.
My work obligations occasionally bring me to Europe where unemployment rates in some countries are a staggering 25%.  I frequently read their newspapers and watch their news on television. Too much spending and borrowing, unrealistic social benefits and entitlements, bloated bureaucracies, and a strangling regulatory environment have lead to near collapse in several countries. The financial mess in the Euro zone may be a precursor to our own destiny if we fail to act responsibly.

Jobs and the economy

While New Hampshire currently enjoys an unemployment rate slightly below the national average, nearly every citizen realizes that jobs and the economy are the prevailing issues. As your representative, I will advance and support legislation to reduce job killing regulations and taxes, while improving our small business climate. I will not support the creation of new taxes or increase existing taxes as our current legislators did by raising taxes on gasoline. Just a few years ago, New Hampshire ranked dead last of the 50 States in being “business friendly”. Thanks to the past Republican legislature’s actions we are no longer at the bottom of the list, but we must aim to bring our state to the top of that list. A robust business community benefits everyone by lowering the unemployment rate and reducing individual taxes. Our New Hampshire small business’ achievements should be rewarded and encouraged.

Self-sufficiency vs. Governmental dependency

Decades ago, social safety nets were implemented as relief programs, meant to provide a temporary hand in difficult times. Since that time, they have evolved from relief into welfare, then entitlements and finally to a point where now some believe that these programs are long-term or permanent rights. The evolution has been slow and insidious, but constant. We must persuade and advocate that welfare and social programs are there for the individuals who truly need them, and as a temporary relief as they were originally intended. We need to promote self-sufficiency and independence from government handouts. We must also eliminate the rampant fraud and misuse of the public’s money and trust. Finally, we must reverse recently passed legislation that may needlessly add tens of thousands of New Hampshire’s residents to the Medicaid rolls at the expense of every taxpayer.

Right to work  – A Unique Perspective

A vast majority of all citizens statewide (as well as in Strafford County) endorse New Hampshire as a “Right to Work” state. Past polls crossed all party and union membership lines.

As a conservative Republican who is also a member of the Allied Pilots Association (the union that represents the pilots of American Airlines), I endorse and will vote for “Right to Work” legislation. This does not mean I am anti-union, only that I believe each individual should have the right to join a union, or not.