First Term in Review

As my first term comes to a close and now find myself running for re-election, I thought a review of my previous two years in Concord might be appropriate. Along the left, vertical edge of the literature card I handed out two years ago were three words: Committed, Competent, Common Sense. That seems a good […]

Turcotte to Receive ACU Award

The American Conservative Union Foundation has sent a letter informing Candidate for State Rep Strafford District 4, Barrington Len Turcotte that he has earned an ACU Ratings Award for his excellent voting record in the 2016 session of the New Hampshire General Court. The ACU Foundation stated that it has been “rating the U.S. Congress […]

Legislated Sick Time: The Real Story

Legislated Sick Time: The Real Story by Len Turcotte A recent opinion piece caught my attention regarding an author’s desire to see paid sick time become yet another mandate for all NH employers. I offer the following alternative perspective. 219 to 122. That was the vote in the NH House recently to kill a bill […]

Medicaid Expansion? Not for New Hampshire

Medicaid Expansion? Not for New Hampshire by Rep. Len Turcotte New Hampshire’s pending re-authorization of Medicaid Expansion, an optional part of Obamacare, allows able-bodied adults to receive free or subsidized healthcare paid for by hardworking taxpayers. Contrary to many perceptions, this new entitlement is not for children, the disabled or elderly persons as they are […]