Floor Speech Amendment to HB 1696

Motion to remove part of Medicaid Expansion bill Fellow House members, the effect of floor amendment # 431h before you would be to delete the “severability clause” which is contained on line 19, page 2 of the amendment to HB 1696. Supporters of this Bill have publically touted the Medicaid Expansion bill’s long list of […]

Floor Speech on “Right to Work”

30 years ago last week, I was hired by American Airlines and remain an employee today. 30 years ago this week, I joined and became a member of the Allied Pilots Association, an independent, private union that represents the 14,000 plus pilots of American Airlines. I remain a member of that union today. When I […]

Floor Speech HB 1252

HB1252 would permit, but not require, employers to pay their employees on a bi-weekly basis without the necessity of requesting an exemption from the Department of Labor (DOL). Current law requires the payment of wages on a weekly basis unless a waiver is requested. Employers would see a reduction in administrative costs due to less […]

Floor Speech SB 416

SB416 is vaguely worded legislation that has the potential to create many unintended consequences. The intent of this bill would be to prohibit an employer from “retaliating” against an employee for requesting a flexible work schedule, but the bill contains no definition of retaliate which then opens it up to subjective interpretation. The bill also […]

Floor Speech HB 1376

HB1376 would introduce yet another anti-business mandate into our laws that would require the employer of a “temporary worker” to offer permanent work status after a period of six months. There are several problems with this Bill. First, there is not a single state in our country that has introduced a must-hire mandate into law. […]