Promises Made, Promises Kept

If you are a NH Republican, today was a very good day. Not a single vote lost. Of most importance?

Today the NH House passed the House Republican’s proposed budget. While there has been a lot of things said about the budget, I want to be clear that this budget is delivering on the promises Republicans made to the people when they elected us back to the majority. A promise that we would be good shepherds of their tax dollars and that we would cut back government while cutting taxes. Here is what we are doing.

This budget:

1. Cuts the statewide property tax by $100,000,000 which will give much needed property tax relief.

2. Assures that no taxpayer money will go to the funding of abortions.

3. Begins the phase out of the Interest and Dividends tax – AKA the secret NH Income tax.

4. Eliminates 226 vacant state jobs, saving the taxpayers $22,700,000.

5. Decreases the Meals and Rooms tax.

6. Reduces the Business Enterprise Tax, which is one of the most regressive taxes in existence.

7. Reduces the Business Profits Tax, giving much needed relief to our many small businesses.

8. Increases the Rainy Day Fund by to $146,000,000 – the highest in the state’s history.

In 2020, the voters sent Republicans to Concord with a mandate to end the fiscal insanity of the out-of-touch Democrats. This week we hope to deliver on our promises to the people.

In addition to the fiscal policies passed, we also passed four 2nd amendment related bills. The most important, HB307 State pre-emption law that ensures no political sub-division of the State of NH can create laws/regulations/etc that undermine your 2nd amendment rightS

Did I mention today was a very good day for Republicans?

More tomorrow!

Rep Len Turcotte – Barrington
Senior Advisor – House Majority Office