Law and Order vs. Crime and Chaos

Today’s headlines are littered with news about cities, run by far-left radical politicians, that are consumed by riots, looting, chaos and even killings that any rational American detests. Many of these same cities have been declared “sanctuary cities” by those same politicians, who also refuse to comply with existing federal immigration laws.

Does any citizen of NH (or Barrington) support the mayhem, chaos and violence occurring in these cities? Do we support “law and order” or the unchecked violence and the left-wing politicians who endorse the radical groups who are instigating the chaos? Is this what we want for our cities, towns and counties in NH?

In 2019, current Barrington representatives to the Statehouse (Towne, Levesque) voted against prohibitions on sanctuary cities and against the enforcement of immigration laws in New Hampshire.
House Bill 232 in 2019 was titled:

An ACT relative to enforcement of immigration laws and the prohibition of sanctuary policies.

The legislation can be found at the following link:

Almost daily, one hears news about previously released illegal aliens committing murder, dealing and trafficking drugs (aiding and abetting opioid problems in NH) and instigating other major crimes. And the crimes you hear of are only the tip of the iceberg.

I’ll say again, both Matt Towne and Cassie Levesque voted to kill the above-mentioned bill. If they were to be re-elected, what’s next? Calls to defund our Police Departments in Barrington and New Hampshire and replace them with social workers as several American cities are contemplating or are in the process of doing? How do you think that will work out?

Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and Republicans, if you support law and order, I ask for your vote this November. You have my guarantee that I will absolutely support a more rational and sane security agenda than our current representatives.