For the second time this summer, I have given my support and business to the one restauranteur who stood up to the nonsensical edicts of Maine’s Governor. That would be Sunday River Brewing where common sense is alive and well, about a 2 hour ride.

Then on my way back, I attempted to sample a tap room that is literally in the wilds of Maine. They are only serving outdoors, no mask required at table. But the greeter outside, who walked around from out back wearing a mask, said I would need to wear a mask walking (by myself) from the parking to picnic table (this was also stated on a sandwich board). Remember, this place is in the middle of the woods! So informed him I might return when this mandatory mask use policy was over. As I rode away, I thought does this guy (I presume owner) actually believe in the policy, or was he following the edicts of Maine’s Janet Mills? If he believes that mask use from parking to picnic table, outdoors, actually helps, he is a very illogical individual lacking any common sense. (Did I mention this place was in the middle of no where?) And if he is doing it to comply with some edict, that also suggests something to me about the owner’s thought process. My financial support to anyone or any business lacking common sense is a non-starter.

One more example. My wife and I went to Wolfboro the other day for lunch at an indoor “tavern”. The hostess said we would need to wear a mask walking from the entrance to a table. We noted our ability to remain 6 feet from anyone else (only a few other diners). She took two masks out from a box (with her bare hands) and placed them into the hands of my wife. We stated that we believed the policy was unwarranted and would only be their patron without the masks. She took great pleasure in saying that would not be possible. Now, pay close attention. She took the two masks that had been in my wife’s bare hand, into her bare hand, and returned them to the box of masks presumably to distribute to the next non-mask wearing guests! We then walked down the street and had a great lunch at a restaurant who displayed much common sense.