We are currently watching the radical left, a segment of the Democrat party, attempting to destroy our country in both the social and financial sense. They are using intimidation, chaos, rioting, “shaming”, boycotting and other tactics to get those who are not the ideologues they themselves are, to shut up and live in fear sheepishly. If you don’t agree with their communist/totalitarian (and sometimes clearly insane) goals and beliefs, you become their target and they then utilize whatever means they see fit to silence and destroy. As a recent student of communist China’s political history (which began with Mao), I see quite a few frightening parallels in their tactics.

Fortunately, there also exists a silent majority. This majority is out there and it straddles the entire political spectrum of democrats, independents, libertarians and republicans alike. The silent majority does not support the rioting and trashing of our cities. They do not support the “cancel culture” which they employ in an attempt to erase our country’s history. They do not support left wing radicals tearing down statues or setting up what they call “autonomous zones” as was done in Seattle for a period of weeks.

And above all, the silent majority understands that it is insane to defund or eliminating law enforcement as some left-wing, democratically controlled towns and cities in our country are trying to do.

While many in this silent majority do not speak out for fear of retribution and reprisals, come this November 3rd election, this silent majority will make their voice heard at the polls.

While I had not planned to run for re-election for several more terms (not until retirement actually), the current state of affairs in our country and State of New Hampshire (and even Barrington itself, more on that in a later post) convinced me to run for re-election now. We all live in the greatest country ever established, a land of freedom, immense opportunity and the potential for prosperity and accomplishment for those willing to put in the effort. To witness a small segment of our society who ignorantly espouse communism and socialism as the answer to their perceived injustices is sheer lunacy.