Floor Speech HB 1252

HB1252 would permit, but not require, employers to pay their employees on a bi-weekly basis without the necessity of requesting an exemption from the Department of Labor (DOL). Current law requires the payment of wages on a weekly basis unless a waiver is requested. Employers would see a reduction in administrative costs due to less time being required to process payroll and they would no longer have to file paperwork for waivers. There would also be a reduction in administrative workload at the DOL since they would no longer need to process the thousands of waiver requests.

During the testimony in Labor, there was not a single New Hampshire employee who testified that they needed weekly payroll. During the hiring process, an employee is told what their payment schedule will be. If that schedule is unacceptable, the employee and employer can discuss alternatives, or the employee has the option of looking elsewhere for employment.

Currently, there are only 3 other states that require the payment of wages on a weekly basis, and some states allow the payment of wages at intervals as long as a month.

The committee accepted and passed an amendment to satisfy DOL concerns and allow the DOL to impose stricter, weekly payment of wages after showing good cause. The amendment will to ensure employers would remain compliant and current on wage payments to employees.

You may hear an argument that it is difficult for an employee to get by on other than weekly payments. That is simply an argument that goes to the ability, or inability, of an individual to properly budget their resources.

Reducing unnecessary regulations and red tape make this Bill extremely attractive. Additionally, allowing the employer and employee to determine their business relationship maintains our state’s free market principles. I ask that you support HB1252 as amended.

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